1. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Is there a MOQ that I need to commit?

Ans: Although at DesignandPrint.sg, we focus on bulk printing so large orders are more preferred and welcomed in order for us to quote you a competitive price!

But of course, we do small scale printing and production too with a friendly price as well and without compromising on quality.


2. Delivery Lead TimeWhat Is the delivery lead time upon order?

Ans: Every job is different and would take different processes to fulfil, and fret not! We go the extra mile to meet your deadlines!  Delivery would take 5 - 7 working days after payment is received! Talk to us if you need express delivery for urgent requirements, we just "might" be able to pull off some magic from our sleeves.


3. Colour & Production Deviation

Will, what I see on the monitor screen be exactly be the same from end production goods received?

Ans: There is no guarantee for the same colour as compared to the screen or online proof colours. There may be significant changes when changing from the screen calibrated RGB to the printer based CMYK profile. Every monitor screen can or will show different colours, independently of the exact colour profile;


4. File Format For Artwork Submission

What file format is required for submitting my artwork?

Ans: Vector format will be preferred, however.Ai PDF format might work too as it is compatible with most printing and the relevant devices. Feel free to contact us if you need help converting your file to the correct format.


5. Proofing Process

Does DesignAndPring.sg does print proofing prior to the release of order for production?

Ans: DesignAndPrint.sg offers different methods of proofing before releasing your order to production. Some are included in the design price and some will be available at an additional cost. We mainly distinguish between:

Online proof: Included in the purchase price. The purpose of the online proof is to check whether all the elements are in place, and not to check the colour accuracy. Hence, it can display significant differences to the final product in terms of colour accuracy;

Digital Proof Print: Charged on an item by item basis. The proof print is colour-proof and will be closer to the final product, with a possible deviation of up to 20 %.