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DesignAndPrint.sg transform your ideas into unbelievably effective marketing tools. Our wide range of custom printing capabilities and helpful designers will help bring your marketing dreams to life. From Concept Design to Print, You can Dream It, We Can Print It.

We Offer Factory Direct Pricing, fast delivery of high-quality name cards, brochures, flyers, folders printing and design services for all your business & marketing requirements.

Digital and offset printing services for small, medium and large orders.

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Thinking of starting your new business venture?

Our competitive rate will help you to kick-start your business and get you on the road to success.

Let us help you with a professionally designed Logo & Website, all in 5 working days, you will have your professionally designed store-front on the internet and start selling like a PRO.

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What You Will Get When You Use DesignAndPrint.sg

Personal Service

Making your print project a success for you, it a MUST ! From creating the most comprehensive and coherent art-work design for your business to meeting your timeline, we will get it done.

Amazing Quality and Value

DesignAndPrint.sg provides unmatched pricing, made possible by our professional designer and state of the art In house manufacture and printing facilities operations, and friendly service managers.

Dedicated Team

Get ready to be spoilt. Our team of highly trained designers are always ready to help from offering our customer professional designing concept to corporate identity and branding advice, making sure all our customer orders takes off without a hitch. Our project support team are empowered and dedicated to your success.

Understanding Why Print Is A Important Marketing Strategy

Because PRINTS Are Timeless :

Think about it, at the end of long day work, do you feel compelled to get on your computer and read articles online or cosy up on your couch with a book?

Having our face stuck to our mobile phones and tablets definitely drains our mental resources faster than looking at printed content, and screen content can actually make it harder to consume information in an “intuitive and satisfying way”, according to the Scientific American.

If you're a hoping to stand out from your competition or finding an innovative marketing strategy to reach new customers on a different channel: printed content will always appeal deeply to people from every walk of life.

Here's a primer on how to get the most out of the professional marketing via printed materials.

  • Social media

    The reach is potentially spectacular, but over-saturation is causing organic reach to decline, meaning you'll have to pay to get people to see your posts. Connection to a company is often weak, and while people may remember the idea of a campaign, they're not necessarily going to remember the company or what they sell.

  • Email marketing

    You might get a message directly into someone's inbox. Then again, your emails might get lost or sent to a spam folder. Even when email marketing is done right, average open rates are usually only 20% and average click-through rates are 2 — 3%.

  • Advertisements

    It can be expensive to buy digital ads, and traditional advertising like commercials and radio doesn't offer the same targeting capabilities of other channels.

Printing is a fantastic complement to these digital channels. It gives you flexibility, it's cost-effective, and the end product is a real, tangible thing that people can hold in their hands and remember — even pass on to other potential customers.

Printing has staying power you just won't find in a digital message. Fortunately, you don't have to choose between the two, and they're best used in tandem to create clever and effective marketing campaigns.

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